2009/06/05 West Bend library board upholds free speech

Dear All,

The library board decision in West Bend was very positive:  9-0 against removing, labeling, or reclassifying books that have homosexual content in
the young adults section.

There was a good turn-out of free speech advocates from West Bend at the board meeting.  Some of the folks from outside of West Bend who had a
chance to speak were Bill Keys, former board member of the Madison Metropolitan School District; Joyce Latham, UW-M School of information;
Emilio De Torre, ACLU/Wisconsin, and myself.

Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Deputy Director of the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom, was a special speaker at the beginning.  She defined the word,
pornography, to counter the flippant use (she didn't use the words, "flippant use" herself) of the reference to the library as a porn shop.

More details can be found at

On a blog from the conservative group in West Bend GSAFE was mentioned as one of the groups from the outside not welcome.  The free speech advocates
from West Bend, however, were extremely welcoming and thankful for the presence of supportive people from the outside, and brought cookies.  As
one person said, "This isn't just a West Bend issue."  Another person mentioned that the same group was already working on the schools.

The head librarian expressed his gratitude for all of the letters you folks sent from around the state!

In gratitude,


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