2009/05/29: Urge Your Senators to cosponsor the Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act (S. 416)

Help Us Reach 33

Your lobbying and financial support helped FCNL persuade one-quarter of the Senate to cosponsor legislation that would ban cluster bombs --weapons that have a track record of killing more civilians than soldiers.

In order to persuade President Obama to overrule the Pentagon and endorse a global treaty banning these weapons, we need to do better. Our lobbyists hope to have 9 more senators cosponsor the Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act (S.416), bringing the total number of senators supporting a ban on cluster bombs up to 33. Read more about the bill: http://action.fcnl.org/r/74531/59600/0.

We believe that 33 could be the magic number. When one-third of the Senate cosponsors this legislation, we think President Obama will be convinced that he has sufficient political support to launch the review of U.S. policy on the use of cluster bombs that he promised last December. 

In the coming week, key senators plan a major push to persuade more of their colleagues to endorse this legislation banning use of cluster bombs. FCNL and other groups will be taking letters, DVDs, and even bracelets that say "watch your step" to each Senate office as reminders that hundreds of millions of people around the world are threatened by cluster submunitions from wars past. 

But we need your help to reach our goal of 33 co-sponsors. At least one of your senators has not yet done so.  Although many of you have written your senators before, please write again--right now: http://action.fcnl.org/r/74532/59600/0.

Take Action

Please help make some noise!  Send a letter to your senators urging them to cosponsor the Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act (S. 416) and help put an end to use of these terrible weapons: http://action.fcnl.org/r/74533/59600/0.


One year ago this week  -- on May 30, 2008 -- more than 100 governments put the finishing touches on the biggest arms control and humanitarian treaty negotiated in a decade. The global treaty to ban the production, use, and stockpiling of cluster munitions has been endorsed by nearly all of the United States NATO allies and many other countries -- 96 in all.

In December 2008, then President-elect Obama promised that after he took office he would launch a review of the Bush administration's decision not to sign the global treaty banning cluster bombs. Since taking office, the president has been busy with other priorities.

You can help jump start this review by persuading your senators to cosponsor legislation in the Senate that would ban nearly all U.S. use of cluster bombs: http://action.fcnl.org/r/74534/59600/0

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