2009/04/22:Army Times: Board backs general discharge for Iraq war resister and IVAW member Matthis Chiroux - IVAW

Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace members (including WNPJ staffer Todd Dennis) along with allies support Matthis Chiroux outside of the gate during his hearing.
IVAW members Jacob Crawford, Matthis Chiroux, and Duane Linton share testimony about their military experience at Winter Soldier St. Louis following Matthis' discharge hearing.  Photos by Betsy Reznicek of the VFP National Office.
The Associated Press
Posted : Tuesday Apr 21, 2009 18:58:01 EDT

OVERLAND, Mo. — An Army sergeant who had refused deployment to Iraq said a board recommended he receive a "general discharge under honorable conditions."

Matthis Chiroux, now of Brooklyn, N.Y., but originally from Auburn, Ala., had an administrative hearing Tuesday in suburban St. Louis.

The 25-year-old reservist has been in the military since 2002, but believes the war in Iraq is wrong and that U.S. authority there is illegitimate. He says his lawyer considers the hearing's outcome a victory.

Army Lt. Col. Maria Quon said she couldn't release the board's recommendation due to privacy rules.

However, she said its findings are not the final word. That decision rests with Maj. Gen. Sean Byrne, who oversees the Army's Human Resources Command. She said it could take weeks for that determination.