2009/04/09: WNPJ Group of the Week: Rapids Citizens for Peace

The Rapids Citizens for Peace group in central Wisconsin buys Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman for their local community television channel!  Don Hoffman writes: “This is the second time our group has paid for the annual fee to have Democracy Now! on our community tv channel. 




Having a private group, like ours, pay $400/yr for the 1- hour/day M-F broadcast time, avoids a competing group saying something like – ‘well, you (the tv station) paid for DN!, so we want Rush Limbaugh on the air.’ Most importantly, this allows more people to see the daily news from DN!, especially important in a basically quite conservative town.  It also triggers conversations around town,it allowing us to tell people that we, the local peace group, are paying for the program and thus gives us an opening to describe the group and what we do. It is worth the investment. Contact: doncanoe@tznet.com


Rapids Citizens for Peace
Contact: Don Hoffman
Address: 3731 Coach Lantern Dr., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54484
Phone: 715-421-4942
E-Mail: doncanoe@tznet.com