2009/04/01: Will Williams in a movie at the Madison Film Fest!

Don't miss this! Friday, 9 pm at the Bartell Theater, 118 East Mifflin St.:
The Good Soldier Directed By: Lexy Lovell & Michael Uys

The Good Soldier follows the lives of five men of different generations, from enlistment to combat to the aftermath of war. The passage from civilian to soldier goes quickly as the men undergo basic training and march off to war, whether it is 1944, 1966, 1991, or 2003. Once in country, the veterans tell of their alien surroundings, their connection to their comrades, and the ghastliness of their reality. Some were wounded, some lost their buddies, some lost their sanity as they tried to quench their intense thirst for revenge by killing the enemy and killing civilians.
Smartly edited by Sikay Tang, these stories are accessible, engaging, and honest. One of the main soldiers interviewed is Staff Sargeant Will Williams, a 2nd Battalion vet of Vietnam, who lives in De Forest, Wis. and is now active in the Madison Area Peace Coalition. Williams says: “Peace is the only thing that will save this earth. Peace and justice. The ‘greatest generation’ is yet to come. It won’t be the World War II vets, but it’ll be the people who take away all the reasons behind us going to war.

Filmmakers Lexy Lovell, Michael Uys, and Will Williams (Madison - Vets for Peace and MAPC member)  scheduled to attend.

Tickets are available at the main Film Festival Box Office, located on the second floor of the Memorial Union (on the west end of the building, between the Frederich March Play Circle and the "central stair case".)  Better get there soon, while they last!

director of photography: Sam Henriques
editor: Sikay Tang
producer: Lexy Lovell, Michael Uys
advisor: Howard Zinn
archival researcher: Polly Pettit, Lewanne Jones