Request for WNPJ member organizations to team up on the WNPJ collective events calendar!

Greetings WNPJ members! In the near future, we will unveil a new WNPJ website!  We hope it will serve as a tool to communicate our values and vision throughout Wisconsin and beyond. 


If you regularly visited our previous website to see a list of upcoming peace and justice events - don't fear - we will have a calendar of events on the new site as well!   It will just require one additional click beyond the website's home page to access. (Once the new website is up and running, we will email out a short tutorial showing you how to find the event calendar on the website.)


Our Ask of Member Groups:

We need member organizations' assistance to make the calendar a continued successBesides one part time staff who wears many hats, the network is made up of volunteer efforts ...If member organizations shared some basic information about their events with us in our google form it would be a tremendous help!


***And it should take less than two minutes to do.***


>>>Click here to access the google form to share the basic info for your upcoming event.

>>> Click here to see a tutorial (less than two minutes viewing time) if you need guidance on how to use the form 


That's it! 


We will take care of the rest and make sure your event gets on the WNPJ calendar for all to see. We will also take this information and share your event on our listserve that goes out to nearly 1400 people each week. 


My grandmother used to say 'Many hands make the load light' and Mariame Kaba says 'Nothing that we do that is worthwhile is done alone.' Thank you for being in community with WNPJ and joining us as we work to share information and build our collective power. 


May we continue to move forward together in peace and justice. 




Sarah Hinkley (she/her/hers)

Network Coordinator

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice