Under Construction!...the Online Membership Circle

It's not ready yet! But check back later for this WNPJ Membership Circle : Weaving an Online Web of Peace and Justice with Connection, Belonging and Resources

WNPJ offers this Membership Circle in the spirit of strengthening our collective peace and justice efforts. We aim to create a dynamic and ever-evolving online space where our members can feel welcome and a sense of belonging. ( And for the future, when this platform is ready: Don’t have a login? Register now.   (Not available on yet!)

There are two main components of this platform: The Toolbox & The Beehive


The TOOLBOX contains a wide assortment of peace and justice tools and resources, collectively curated by WNPJ staff and members. There are several specific resources within multiple broad categories. Have a look around! Is there a resource you would like to add? Or a tool you are looking for, but don’t see yet? Let us know! 


The BEEHIVE is where members can connect with one another! Ask your peace and justice questions for each other to answer. Share what’s on your mind. Check in with each other. What are you building? What challenges are you facing? What are you celebrating? 

WNPJ does not actively endorse each and every post. We have a wide range of members, with an array of viewpoints. However, we will pay attention to content and work to make sure posts are respectful and inclusive.


For more information, contact: