WNPJ Spotlight on member group - Groundwork

Groundwork is a community organization of white people working to achieve racial justice and equity in Dane County, Wisconsin.


Our three main goals are:

  • 1) Engaging white people to work for racial justice
  • 2) Working in collaboration with organizations led by people of color
  • 3) Deepening our members’ own education and leadership development

We are committed to doing work against racism and white privilege and for racial justice and equity in our daily lives from the heart, with dignity, and integrity.

(Note: this group is currently regrouping – April 2022)

Groundwork (White Anti-Racist Collective) - Madison

Contact: Laura
Phone: 608-695-0367

E-Mail: groundworkmadison@gmail.com

Website: http://groundworkmadison.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GroundworkMadison