Polk County - Volunteers needed to canvas businesses to oppose hog factories


Here's the latest tool in our toolbox, from Mike Miles of Anathoth Community Farm.

  Our friends up in Bayfield formed an organization that resulted in 75 letters from businesses opposing hog factories being sent to their county board. That, and an operations ordinance, stopped them and they never came back.     We have a letter and need people willing to circulate it to businesses in Polk County. Message me and I'll get you a link to it so you can print copies and begin canvassing local businesses where you live. Three years ago when we tried this, businesses were not willing to go public with their opposition. That has changed and many are delighted to participate.

So be in touch -  and let's get this ball rolling.

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Anathoth Community Farm

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Address: 740 Round Lake Road, Luck, WI 54853
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E- Mail: anathoth@lakeland.ws

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