2009/02/18:WNPJ at the Wisconsin School Counselor Association Conference


Todd Dennis, WNPJ Staff, and Vicki Berenson, TAME, staffed the WNPJ table handing out options folders to counselors and prospective counselors.


A photo of the table display.


At the WCSA conference, WNPJ tabled and handed out over 67 folders to high school and middle school counselors and graduate students who will become guidance counselors.  The contents of the folder are shown below.  Many of the conselors were grateful for our presence and the opportunity to provide their students with meaningful choices regarding their post high school life.  Some told of the battle they have with military recruiters and the lack of options they knew about for their students.

We were up against six military oriented booths: National Guard Partners in Education, U.S. Army, American Legion of Wisconsin, ASVAB Career Exploration Program, WI National Guard Challenge Academy, and the WI Air National Guard.  With a budget of ~$20 billion for the military we can see how they are able to staff these tables and give away swag like candy, pens, wallets, tote bags, DVDs, counselor boxes (Air National Guard), and raffle off an iPod; while we are barely able to make ends meet in constructing our counselor options folders.


WSCA Mission:

To advance the profession of school counseling in preschool through post secondary in order to maximize the educational, academic, vocational and personal-social growth of each student.


High School Guidance Counselors Options Folder

Laminated introduction and facts about the packet, stop-loss and statistics about returning veterans.

Reply card asking for feedback

Contact information sticker inside each folder with TAME website; how to get more copies.

Wisconsin Alternatives
10 pages of resources to help find jobs, internships, school funding and other opportunities from government, non-profit and private sources. By NNOMY.

Focus on Wisconsin - Great Jobs/Careers/Futures
37 page booklet printed by AFSC, advice & resources on jobs, school and funding, apprenticeships, careers, decision-making - focused on Wisconsin.

Americorps - full-color brochure provided by Americorps/Vista. (See info about the program here)

Wisconsin Technical College System - catalog listing careers, apprenticeship options and statewide schools - (online info here)

Apprenticeships in Wisconsin - flyer listing trades & contact information - (info online here)

Youth Apprenticeship brochures (from DWD - info online here)

Job Center of Wisconsin - flyer describing Wisconsin's online job search web site with state, county, local and private jobs & publications for job readiness. Job Center site

Wisconsin Jobs 2016 - DWD brochure with 10-year employment projections, fastest-growing jobs, occupations in demand.

Information about Madison Veterans for Peace scholarship to MATC project (for Madison area counselors only)

DVD - Before You Enlist (14 minutes)
This video by AFSC features veterans and former military recruiters telling what really happens during the recruiting process and after. DVD will be included in the packet. You can watch it on YouTube.

Dou You Know Enough to Enlist? - color brochure provided by AFSC included in packet (this link just shows the B&W version). We will have some in Spanish for counselors who express a need.

Questions For Recruiters: 5x7 PDF or resize to 8-1/2 x 11 Card - with the answers they should be giving you

Your Health and the Military
Download PDF - 8-1/2 x 14", 2 sided for folding
(created by TAME)

What Every Girl Should Know About the U.S. Military
Color brochure with testimonials by women veterans. (Download PDF)

Further Resources About Recruiting and the Military
Movies, videos and web sites, and the text of the disclaimer in the military contract.

Suggested Guidelines for Counselors Addressing Military Options for Students
Adapted from a proposal by several Madison school counselors. Suggested policies and procedures, and a great list of reflective questions to use with students considering enlisting.

Military Recruiting Information for School Guidance Counselors
An excellent piece created by the Director of Peace Education of the Mennonite Central Committee, Titus Peachey. Counselor-friendly facts with backup and resources, focusing somewhat on the Delayed Enlistment Program and covering facets of the military experience that recruiters would not normally mention.

Counseling Youth About Military Service Options and Selective Service Registration: An Integral Part of Anticipatory Guidance of Adolescents
Carl E. Stafstrom, Pediatric Neurologist, 2007; Pediatrics This article stresses the importance of the physician's role in discussing military service and alternatives, the laws regarding registration with the Selective Service System, and the medical and psychological effects of war. Good information for anyone in a mentor position.

Generic opt-out form - from AFSC

ASVAB Testing Q&A - info for students and educators about the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery & how it is used. from AFSC