Stockbridge Munsee Council Member, Joseph Miller, responds to the Fair Maps results

People all over Wisconsin are in March Madness now! And that includes our continuing madness to work for Fair Maps! But we are not finished.

Yes, we are glad the maps chosen by the WI Supreme Court are better than our existing maps. But they are still based on what favored a few in 2011. These are not fair compact maps especially in rural and Northern Wisconsin. This happened because four Justices of the WI Supreme Court restricted maps for submission to those with the "Least Changes" from our existing maps while updating for the new census populations. "Least Changes" reduced the ability to fulfill our State Constitution's mandate of compactness where possible.

Take a couple minutes now to hear from Stockbridge Munsee Council Member, Joseph Miller, in his gracious acceptance of the silver living of some reprieve for his "brothers and sisters" in Milwaukee. Meanwhile his own Community of Interest - the combined Stockbridge Munsee and Menominee reservations, remain split into separate State Senate and Assembly Districts. Despite having shared much early Menominee ancestral land for 18 decades, and having together protected land and water, their common values are now diluted in state legislature. Joe Miller commits to keep working so united voices will be heard once again in the halls of our state capitol in ten years.   3/16/2022 - 

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In this video Joe Miller, Stockbridge Munsee Council Member, explains why he accepts the new Voting District maps for Wisconsin and why he remains committed to working for fair maps moving forward. 


Sent to WNPJ by Board co-president, Mary Kay Baum, from her Facebook page.

Mary Kay Baum
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