Spotlight on the WNPJ member group Madison Pledge of Resistance

In early 2003 as the United States was planning to invade Iraq, a group of Madison activists came together and organized several actions of nonviolent civil resistance and were arrested.  This group was formed as part of a nationwide effort under Iraq Pledge of Resistance, with actions organized all around the U.S.  Eventually, the group decided to use the name Madison Pledge of Resistance and was committed to organizing nonviolent civil resistance actions and risk arrest in response to U.S. militarism.


This group was active for many years, risking arrest in nonviolent civil resistance to the crimes of our government. 

(photo above: March, 2010 - Marilyn Ross, Jennifer First and Joy first get community service for protesting military)

We organized around the illegal occupation of Iraq, ending the bloated military budget, and the illegal torture and detention of prisoners in Guantanamo.  We were part of the SODaPOP campaign organized by Voices for Creative Nonviolence and occupied Senator Kohl’s Madison office every week for several months.  Eventually a group of six occupied the office overnight.  We were also part of Pace e Bene’s Declaration of Peace Campaign.  We provided training in nonviolent civil resistance.

For a number of reasons, the group has not been very active in recent years, but we did organize an action outside of Baldwin’s office in Sept. 2021 around her support of militarism. 

Nonviolent civil resistance works.  Look at all the examples at the end of this article by David Swanson.  We need to keep this organization going.  If you are interested in being part of organizing nonviolent civil resistance in response to U.S. militarism, contact


Photo by Jackson TIffany - in the jumpsuits are (l to r)   Diane Farsetta,  Meg Skinner, ; Bob Radford,; Bonnie Block ; Jim Green




Madison Pledge of Resistance
Contact: Joy First
Address: 6014 Gateway Green, Monona WI 53716
Phone: 608-222-7581