Spotlight on the WNPJ member group - Juneau County Peace Committee

This group in southwestern Wisconsin was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit in 1994 after years of peace and justice work in Juneau County. The group continued its work by leading an affordable housing initiative, sponsoring Wisconsin Conservation Corps, organizing a Middle East War Forum, sponsoring an energy fair, spinning off an organization to assist the homeless in the county, and donating to flood relief. The group offers scholarships annually to graduating seniors from county high schools. The Juneau County Peace Committee has been active since the 1980's.

John McGinley, contact for this member group, was at the founding of WNPJ back in 1991 - and is now a 30-year member of WNPJ! This recording was made on the 20th anniversary of WNPJ - 2011.


Another campaign began in Nov. 2020 - theSupport Food not Killer Drones” campaign-  Their members raised funds for the local food banks in Juneau County.  

Although Juneau County is rich in drones, it is one of the poorest in Wisconsin*.  We are asking you to support food for the hungry in Juneau County-  not killer drones,” said organizer John McGinley.

“In the service of social justice we are calling on all people of goodwill who can do so to join us in a “Support Food not Killer Drones” campaign to contribute money to help the hungry people of Juneau County.  We will be sending checks to the Juneau County Peace Committee (address below), and they will distribute the money to Juneau County food pantries.  

Please open your hearts and your pockets and write a check to “Juneau County Peace Committee” .

*Poverty in Juneau County: 47 percent of families have trouble making ends meet

According to an article in the WISCNEWS - Feb. 10th, 2022, 5 area pantries had received donations from this group.


Action Alert:

We would welcome any of you to also join us in our quest for an end to drone warfare so that our government can use these resources to instead meet human needs.  Contact Joy First for more info on the monthly witness for peace in Juneau County, Volk Field.  Supporting a military that spends more than the next ten countries combined has clearly not made us safer or more secure, and has caused immeasurable suffering to the people of the Middle East and Africa, and thus we believe this must stop. Read more about the protest and arrests in Nov 2019, and the verdicts at . In love and peace, Bonnie, Joyce, Joy, Bob, John, Jim, Phil, and Brian.


The next monthly witness is this week!





TUESDAY FEBRUARY 22, 2022      3:30-4:30 pm

We need YOU there


Dear Friends,


We are at an important time in history to stand up in resistance.  We must make it clear to those in power that we will not remain silent, but will rise up together and call for a world where we live together in peace with justice.  There is no room for killing drones in this world we are working towards.


Even as the pandemic has ravaged the world for the past two years, the racist drone wars have continued against people of color in the Middle East and Africa.  Whether there has been a Democrat or Republican in the White House, the drone wars have continued since the first victims were murdered during the second Bush regime.


The vigil at Volk Field is a legal vigil where we will be on public property.  As always, it will be a solemn vigil, remembering the victims of US government drone attacks.


It can still be pretty cold in February, so dress for the weather.


DIRECTIONS - To get to the vigil, take the Camp Douglas exit off Interstate 90/94 between Mauston and Tomah.  When you exit take County Rd. C to the northeast.  You will see the base straight ahead, but follow County Rd. C to the right and within a few blocks is a picnic wayside where you can park.  The wayside is now closed for the winter, but you can legally park on the side of the road.  There are no bathrooms available during the winter months


THE VIGIL - We will gather at the wayside between 3:00-3:15 for introductions and to review the plan for the vigil, and then process together to the gates of the base where we will hold a solemn vigil for one hour to remember those killed by drones.  Participants can stand in silence or read poems and stories about the effects of drone warfare.  It is important that the voices of the victims be brought to the gates of Volk Field.


Bring posters if you can. 


A WORD ABOUT THE WEATHER – If you have questions about the vigil because of the weather, please make sure to call Joy at 608 239-4327 or Bonnie at 608-256-5088 for an update.


CARPOOLING -  If you are interested in carpooling to Volk Field from Madison, please contact Bonnie at 608-256-5088.


We hope to see you at the vigil on Tuesday February 22.  If you can’t come this time, mark your calendar for the 4th Tuesday of every month and join us when you can.  If you have any questions please call or email Joy at 608 239-4327 or or Bonnie at 608-256-5088 or .



Joy and Bonnie

Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars



Contact information:

Juneau County Peace Committee
Contact: John McGinley
Address: 217 Oak St., Mauston, WI 53948
Phone: (608) 547-9768