First Friday Film (and Discussion): What’s all the noise about? War zones coming home to our communities Feb 4

Event Dates: 

First Friday Film (and Discussion):

What’s all the noise about? War zones coming home to our communities.
February 4 at 6:30 pm

Art by Jesse Azarian

We will be showing two short documentaries: 

  1.  Jetline: Voices from the Flight Path, and
  2.  When the Jets Fly: New Warplanes Turn US Towns Into Sonic Hellscapes

Residents of Whidbey Island on the west coast & Burlington, Vermont, on the east coast are being traumatized by US fighter jets. Madison could be next.

Learn what people are doing to resist the militarization of our communities.

A discussion led by these distinguished leaders will follow the films:

  • Retired Air Force Colonel Rosanne Greco spent 30 years in active service specializing in strategic intelligence, nuclear weapons, and arms control. Former chair of the South Burlington City Council and an active Unitarian Universalist, Greco has been fighting the basing of F-35s in Vermont for ten years.
  • Omar Poler lives in the Eken Park neighborhood of Madison and has been organizing with his neighbors to stop the F-35 “beddown” and protect water from PFAS contamination. He is a member of Eken Park Resistance and likes to be outside with his wife, Twyla, and two young children.
  • Terra Huey is the social media coordinator for the Sound Defense Alliance, a coalition of groups throughout Northwest Washington and the Salish Sea representing thousands of Washingtonians. SDA is recognized for getting Real-Time Noise Monitoring into the National Defense Authorization Act, passed last year by Congress.

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