Show support for Dane County Solar!

Show your support for the Koshkonong Solar Energy Center.The Public Service Commission's public comment period for this project closes on January 24. Please submit comments in support today.
Some benefits of the project include:
  • Enough clean energy for about 60,000 average homes, or about ¼ of the homes in Dane County
  • Meets ¼ of Dane County’s solar installation goal from their Climate Action Plan
  • Emissions reductions equal to removing 145,000 cars off the road
  • More than $200 million in economic benefits to the Dane County economy over the life of the Project
  • $700,000 in new annual tax revenue to Dane County over the life of the Project
  • 600 construction jobs will be supported during peak construction of the Project
  • Provide supplemental income to farmers through land-lease agreements 
  • Reduce agricultural pollution runoff into local waterways like Koshkonong Creek
  • Provide deep-rooted prairie habitat for pollinators including Wisconsin's endangered rusty patch bumblebee
A comment you could submit:
Dear Members of the Public Service Commission,
My name is ______. I am writing to you today to show my support for the Koshkonong Solar Energy Center. I believe that this project's success is imperative for Wisconsin's climate future, and believe in its many financial and climate benefits, some of which, include:
*Copy and paste the benefits most important to you*
Thank you for your work to make Wisconsin a more sustainable place to live. I hope you will also support the Koshkonong Solar Energy Center and its modern implementation of renewable energy production.
*Your name*
*Your address*
Thank you for supporting renewable energy in Dane County,
Julia DePalma
CCST Co-Lead