Al Gedicks to speak on Environmental Alliances With Indian Nations of Wisconsin Jan 17

Event Dates: 

Al Gedicks to speak on Environmental Alliances With Indian Nations of Wisconsin 


Environmental Alliances with Indian Nations of Wisconsin and the presentation of the GWG Environmental Hero Award 

to be held at 6:30 p.m., Monday, January 17 on Zoom 

Time and again, Wisconsin's tribes have engaged in fierce and successful campaigns to protect their waters, and wild rice, from ill-advised mine proposals. In the process they partnered with grassroots rural opponents of the mines, an essential part of their successes. The presenter, Al Gedicks, is a well-known lifelong advocate for Native American rights, author, and key organizer of environmental and social justice campaigns. He is a retired University of Wisconsin-La Crosse sociology professor. 

Also at this event, the Great Waters Group is presenting its annual Environmental Hero Award to Isiah Holmes. Holmes is a staff writer for the Wisconsin Examiner. He has written extensively on environmental topics but also courageously covers racial justice issues such as abuses in the Wauwatosa Police Department. This award recognizes his great work but is also an acknowledgement of the intersection between environmental and racial justice. 

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