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Nuclear Weapons Today–What You Can Know–What You Must Do

Despite the Cold War’s ending over three decades ago, nuclear weapons remain a threat. Recent and

current actions by the U.S. government and others  have so sharply increased the danger,   editors of

the  Bulletin  of  Atomic  Scientists  show  their  Doomsday  Clock  at the nearest to midnight since  its

founding in 1953, the U.S. is spending more now on nuclear weapons than at the peak of the Cold War.


Most  Americans  do  not  want  to  think  about  nuclear  weapons.  Our  course  contains  necessary

information for people regardless of how much they know now or whether they are already actively

promoting nuclear abolition. We designed this course to serve people who are new to the issue,  or

whose  knowledge  may  be out  of  date, as  well  as  those who consider themselves well informed.

Much has changed but politicians and media are failing to inform. Our course presents the facts and

offers positive ways to solve the problem.   Although we have provided  it  in  four 2 hour sessions in

the  past,   the number,  length,  and  timing   can   be   determined   to   suit   your  individual  group

depending  on  agreement/availability  of  the    presenters. Our  goal  together  is  to  go  far beyond

doom and gloom to actually empower people towards solutions.

Topics include:

1. The science that led to nuclear weapons

2. How nuclear weapons and the policies for using them have changed

3. New dangers since the 2016 election and the bi-partisan support for nuclear weapons

4. Impacts of nuclear weapons

5. Decades of grassroots organizing to stop the arms race and abolish nuclear weapons

6. National and international efforts to prevent nuclear war

7. Exploring your feelings and values related to nuclear weapons

8. Exploring promise of the new Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

9. The power of nonviolent resistance

10. The experience of direct action


Nuclear weapons are hard, scary realities, but we sincerely feel ordinary people can learn what they

need to know and can take smart actions to reduce the dangers. Our course helps to reduce those




Glen Anderson is chair of the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (OCANW)

Mark Fleming is secretary of the Rachel Corrie Chapter #109 of the Veterans for Peace in Olympia

James Manista is a peace activist who incurred federal charges for civil disobedience at Bangor

Kitsap Trident nuclear submarine base

Joanne Dufour has extensive experience with nuclear weapons, international humanitarian law,

organizing, and public relations

The presenters vary during each session so you’ll enjoy a mix of voices and areas of expertise.


Work out with your group an agreeable schedule (minimum 6 participants requested).

As a group organizer you will contact Joanne at 206-550-1841 and determine details like  SIGN UP

procedures, their preferred schedule (one to four sessions and timing), who will attend, and send

completed list of participants and details to REGISTER with Joanne Dufour at

She will forward suggested supplementary readings and videos to the participants with the link for

the Zoom sessions. Glen Anderson will host.


We hope you will join us!


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