Contact WI Representatives by Jan 10 - They've got a bill making it even harder for formerly incarcerated people to vote!

There’s a nasty, and frankly racist, bill that’s circulating in the Wisconsin legislature right now that would make it even harder for formerly incarcerated people to vote in our state.

          Before they’d be able to vote, they’d have to pay off all fines, costs, fees, surcharges, and restitution, which can run into five figures.
          No one should be prevented from voting based strictly on the amount of money they have or their ability to pay. 
          My colleague Iuscely Flores just posted her strong piece on this issue, which you can read here:

          New GOP Bill in Wisconsin Is a Modern-Day Poll Tax

          And we’d like to urge to contact your legislators and tell them not to co-sponsor (and not to support in any way!) these two bills.
          Rep. Shae Sortwell and Sen. Duey Stroebel introduced LRB-1886 and LRB-5532, and they are trying to line up co-sponsors by Jan. 11.
          That’s why it’s so important that you contact your legislators on this no later than Monday morning!


Sent to WNPJ by Matt Rothschild of the:

*Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
Contact: Beverly Speer
Phone: 608-255-4260