Thursday training series with WISDOM "Taking on Mass Incarceration" Feb 24

Event Dates: 
Repeats every week until Thu Feb 24 2022 .

Register here.


Here are the topics for each week ahead. 



January 27.  Race and Transformational Justice (racial disparities, where they come from, how this is related to policing, school issues and other issues -- as well as how the system makes the disparities even worse)


February 3 .  Faith and Transformational Justice (This one will be mostly led by faith leaders.  It will not just be about doctrine and spirituality, but also about how to get faith communities more on board, and how to be sure to keep our campaign aligned with our values...)


February 10.  Prison Closure and Justice Reinvestment (TAD, Early Release, Crimeless Revocations, Compassionate Release, and other ways to drive down the prison population -- and to demand that the money saved be used in the communities that have been devastated by mass incarceration)


February 17.  EXPO and FREE:  The People Closest to the Problem are Closest to the Solution.  (What EXPO, EXPO-R, FREE, are maybe also SIP? How others can support, How we fit together in the Transformational Justice Campaign


February 24.  Transformational Justice and Democracy (Unlock the Vote, RVP, Get Out the Vote efforts, Educating people about candidates, and educating candidates about TJ...)



In every session, there will; be an invitation and opportunity for people to identify ways they want to be part of the effort.  People can choose one thing, or many...


Finally, we will be recording these sessions.  After each Thursday, we will email a link to the recording to everyone who is registered.


For more information, contact the WNPJ member group:

Address: 2821 N 4th St Ste 534, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone: 414-831-2070