The Havens Wright Center is Seeking a New Managing Director - UW-Madison deadline Jan 15

We are hiring a new managing director to run the Havens Wright Center for Social Justice. This is a full-time position in the sociology department, at the University of Wisconsin Madison. For full information on this position, and to apply for the job, please visit the following website.
Please forward this announcement to your networks, and to anyone who you think might be interested.
The Managing Director of the Havens Wright Center for Social Justice is responsible for working with the Center's Director and Steering Committee to implement their priorities and taking the initiative to develop programming priorities of her/his own. The Managing Director is also in charge of the daily functioning of the Center. Carrying out these duties entails coordination and development of Center programs, the internal administration of the Center, and outreach to the broader academic and non-academic community. The Center's two most important ongoing activities are the Visiting Scholars Program (VSP) and Social Cinema, both of which are conducted on an annual basis. The Managing Director is also responsible for developing additional programming on a more ad hoc basis, such as conferences, workshops, and symposia. The internal administration of the Center entails, among other things: recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and evaluating the Center's staff (consisting of two sociology graduate project assistants); overseeing and maintaining Center budgets and finances, and when necessary, fund raising and grant writing; coordinating with Sociology Department administrative staff and faculty with regard to finances, personnel, curriculum and other administrative matters. The Managing Director is also responsible for the management of existing, and the development of new, collaborative relationships with the broader academic and non-academic community, both internal and external to UW-Madison.
Tina Hunter
For more information, visit or email Patrick Barrett at