2009/02/11: Anti-immigrant measures kept out of stimulus bill

Because of your CALLS - E-verify & discrimanatory tax rules were kept out of stimulus bill. THANKS for your efforts in calling Wisconsin's Congressman David Obey at 202-225-3365 with a message of "thanks for a principled and comprehensive understanding of our economic and immigration problems. At this critical juncture when job creation and support for working families and businesses is critical-- we are glad anti-worker, anti-immigrant provisions were kept out of the stimulus bill. We ask you to continue to legislate so that citizen and legal immigrant taxpayers get the tax credit they deserve, and are not penalized due to their spouse's status." 

Dear members and allies of Voces de la Frontera:

Thanks to your support, we are happy to report that the stimulus bill did not include E-Verify last week. 

BACKGROUND ON E-VERIFY - The E-Verify program has well-documented failings which include unacceptably high error rates that misidentify U.S. Citizens and lawful immigrant workers and an inability to monitor when unscrupulous employers misuse the system to engage in unlawful employment practices.  Forcing employers to enroll in the program, as a condition for receiving stimulus funds, will not only increase the costs of doing business, but will result in unjust firings, litigation, delayed employment and lost productivity,  undermining the jump start to jobs that is so badly needed.
The economic crisis and the crisis in our immigration system, must be resolved so that workers'--all workers--can be in a stronger position to assert their workplace rights in more desperate times; Congress must deal with both in a comprehensive manner.
The Making Work Pay tax credit provides eligible individuals a refundable income tax credit of up to $500 for an individual filing singly and $1,000 for couples filing joint returns.

For more information go to www.nilc.org

Please email or call Voces de la Frontera at 414.643.1620 to let us know when you have called so we can measure our impact.
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