Keep Pushing for a Pathway to Citizenship!

The Senate is working right now on the Build Back Better legislation.  One piece of the legislation includes a partial protection for potentially 6.5 million of our undocumented friends and neighbors. It is not the pathway to citizenship we hoped for, but temporary protection from deportation and the possibility to obtain work permits. 

The Senate Parliamentarian has again rejected any immigration reform in Build Back Better. Please call Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson today and tell them to disregard this ruling and pass a pathway to citizenship for our 11 million immigrant friends and neighbors!


....and urge them to pass this legislation, including protections for the immigrant community, and tell them we need them to keep pushing for a pathway to citizenship.  See below for talking points and contact information for the Senators and for the Biden Administration.



As part of the Build-Back-Better agenda, the House voted on Nov 19th to fund provisions that would grant temporary work permits and immigration parole (protection from deportation) for certain immigration undocumented persons in the US. This bill will now go to the Senate for a likely vote in early December. While the approved protections are a step forward, they are temporary. This is substantially short of the Path to Citizenship that was promised by then candidate Biden and by Democrats. Temporary protections mean they can be revoked by a different Congress or President.



We are asking for your help in contacting our state legislators and the White House to let them know how important it is for us people of faith to see our neighbors welcomed and loved. We call on Senators Baldwin and Johnson to work with President Biden and Vice President Harris and take whatever legislative approach, including the budget reconciliation process, to pass a path to citizenship for millions of immigration undocumented human beings that call this country home.


Sixty nine percent of immigration unauthorized persons are essential workers – we owe them our entire food supply, from harvest, to processing, delivery, and service.

They worked through the pandemic not only in the food industry but in many other jobs for which there is a shortage of workers.

They pay billions of dollars in taxes and contribute to Social Security but receive no benefits.

Many undocumented immigrants have been in the US for decades and live with US citizen children.

Standard immigration paths are not realistic as people cannot generally wait 10 years or more for a visa when they can’t feed their children or are escaping persecution in their home country.

They deserve to live alongside us out of the shadows, without fear or further trauma.

They deserve dignity and our gratitude. It is past time that they and their children have access to a path to citizenship.



Senator Tammy Baldwin

              Phone: 608-264-5338 (Madison); 202-224-5653 (Washington, DC)

              Web contact:


Sen Ron Johnson

              Phone: 608-240-9629 (Madison); 202-224-5323 (Washington, DC)

              Web contact:


President Biden and/or Vice President Harris



Thank you for your advocacy!




Rabbi Bonnie Margulis

Executive Director

Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice

Dane Sanctuary Coalition steering committee