In this update:
1. New web site focuses on threats to judicial independence, need for reform
2. Take Action: Add your voice to chorus calling for key reforms
3. More on state's faulty campaign finance reporting system

A new web site, impartialjustice.org, was launched today as part of a Democracy Campaign initiative to focus attention on threats to the independence of Wisconsin's court system and the need for reforms of state Supreme Court elections.

To see the Democracy Campaign's announcement of the new site, go here.

Legislation overhauling state Supreme Court elections has been introduced as Senate Bill 40. A proposed change in state law requiring full disclosure of special interest electioneering has been introduced as Senate Bill 43. These two reforms go hand in hand, and both are needed to safeguard the state Supreme Court from growing special interest influence.

A little over two weeks ago, Senate leader Russ Decker said these two bills would be among the first taken up by the upper house. Take action to let your representatives in the Senate and Assembly as well as the governor know that you too want SB 40 and SB 43 to receive prompt consideration.

In its coverage of the Democracy Campaign report calling attention to big problems with the state's new campaign finance reporting system, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel cites a blog raising questions about the system's cost. Originally, the cost was to be in the $1 million neighborhood. As it turns out, it's double that.

Taxpayers are not getting their money's worth. The system is a mess.

Spread the word by sending this message to people you know. To support the Democracy Campaign's work, go here.

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