Echo Valley Hope Nov. Newsletter - Bakery open, internships available

Being sustainable is not a one time attempt, nor is it a green fad or unattainable. To be sustainable is to recognize how truly dependent we are on the earth, the water, the air and one another - and to live in accordance with that understanding. No man is an island. What each of us does – or doesn’t do - has an impact on the other.



Echo Valley Farm has enjoyed great interns. People of all ages have come to learn, to offer their help or share their knowledge. The appreciation of community is a gift.

We will be welcoming interns beginning March 2022, weather permitting. We have found it is best when people can stay on through the entire growing season, but a lot can be learned in a month, too. 

´╗┐We still observe a 10-day pause before interns can move into the main house, but there are cabins available to make the transition possible.

Interested? Or know someone who may be? 

Contact Dena or call 608-337-4578.


The Bakery



The Echo Valley Bakery will reopen in May, 2022, but on-line sales are open and there are great gifts as well as baked goods for the holidays.

Lauren is set to take your holiday orders. You can find the Thanksgiving menu here.

We are participating in the La Crosse Winter Farmers Market every Sunday morning through December 19, 9 am to 1 pm at the Radisson Center Ballroom, corner of 2nd and Jay St., La Crosse.

For more information, please call 608-337-4578.

There is more in the Echo Valley Hope November Newsletter. If you'd like to receive an electronic copy, let Echo Valley know!

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