The Wisconsin Legislature will be voting on the newly rigged maps. Contact your representatives and urge them to vote no!

In his testimony last week, Robin Vos confessed that he tilted the maps in his partisan favor, boasting that there was nothing in our Wisconsin Constitution to prohibit it. That kind of arrogance, and that kind of manipulation, cannot be allowed to stand.  So please contact your legislators and tell them to vote against Senate Bill 621 and Assembly Bill 624.

They may be voiting on this as early as Monday, so please contact your representatives and urge them to vote no!
          Here’s how you contact your state legislators:

Toll-free legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472 (266-9960 in Madison).

E-mail directory for Senators, click here.

E-mail directory for Assembly members, click here.

If you do not know your legislator's name or district, use the "Find My Legislators" form on the front page of the Legislature's website.

          Thanks for your activism, and for supporting fair maps!


Matt Rothschild

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
Contact: Beverly Speer
Phone: 608-255-4260