Webinar: Opposing Militarism: A Key Task for Climate Justice Oct 16 & 23

Event Dates: 

Opposing Militarism: A Key Task for Climate Justice

Sat October 16 & 23 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm  (central time)

Anti-militarism / peacebuilding and climate justice intersect in many ways: from shared roots in capitalist extraction to manifestations in endless wars to protect access to fossil fuels and enrich weapons manufacturers.


The Pentagon is both the single largest institutional polluter on the planet and the largest enforcer of fossil fuel greed at the expense of our land and futures. The confluence of the climate crisis and rampant militarism—two existential crises—demands our attention and centering in our work.

The first step towards integrating this analysis into our work is learning. Join Massachusetts Peace Action and 350Massfor two complementary webinars on Oct. 16 & 23, both at 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, led by climate & anti-militarism organizer Nick Rabb.


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Webinar topics will include outlining these intersections, and examining their consequences through specific issues like migrationnuclear power and weapons, the military budget, and military bases. We will develop a vision of how to organize against these issues, and towards global cooperation, a Just Transition, and true safety.


Zoe Stevenson, Legislative Intern, Massachusetts Peace Action info@masspeaceaction.org