Contact your WI legislator TODAY , September 28th - Fair Maps!

Tuesday, Sept. 28th the WI State Legislature is voting on a resolution that would lock in the rigged maps of 2011. We cannot let them get away with this!  That’s why you need to contact your legislators by email and by phone  on Tuesday September 28, and urge them to vote against this sneaky move.

The Assembly joint resolution is AJR 80 and the Senate companion is SJR 63. They provide criteria for redrawing the maps.

Each contains this offensive phrase in criteria #3: "Retain as much as possible the core of existing districts." That’s the crux of the problem because those existing districts were the ones drawn in secret in 2011, which were declared unconstitutional by a panel of federal judges.

So please email your legislators, along with Speaker Vos and Majority Leader LeMahieu. It’s simple. For your Assembly person, it’s Rep.[Last Name] For your Senator, it’s Sen.[Last Name]

And here’s how you call them: Dial the legislative hotline at 1-800-362-9472 (or 266-9960 in Madison).

>> Tell them to vote against AJR 80 and SJR 63, and tell them at a minimum to delete criteria #3.

Thanks for sending these emails and making these few calls.

Matt Rothschild -



Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

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Phone: 608-255-4260 

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