Billionaire Bankers for Big Oil need you! - Madison Oct 2

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Billionaire Bankers for Big Oil need you!

It’s true!  Our consistently creative Art Collective is aiming for the public’s funny bone with an over-the-top depiction of those weird beings known as “Billionaire Bankers for Big Oil!”  You may know a few of them by name: Jamie Dimon and Lee R. Raymond of Chase Bank, and maybe Charlie Scharf of Wells Fargo, who (this is soooo sad!) had his pay cut by $2.7 million because of pandemic impacts.  Inquiring minds want to know how he’ll get by on only $20.3 million per year!

Well, you can meet some of these “Billionaire Bankers” on Saturday Oct. 2 at the Dane County Farmers Market!  They will be celebrating how much money they have made loaning millions of dollars to corporations like Enbridge to create new fossil fuel infrastructure projects.  In fact, for an hour you can BE a Billionaire Banker for Big Oil!  We need a lot of “extras’ in black and white billionaire clothes (think tuxedos or business suits) to grab the attention of shoppers and television cameras.  And we'll be giving out matching wrap-around sunglasses to all the "Billionaires," yours to keep! (Your tuxedo is at the cleaners?  We do have a limited supply of fancy dress items, so inquire if you are interested.)


Photo from Nukewatch.  These billionaires do get around!

There will be banners, a dance, great props, and a flyer for the passersby, explaining what the Billionaire Bankers want YOU to do.  The most important thing they’ll get across is “DO NOT, under any circumstances, join 350 MADISON!” 

The fun will start at the corner of North Hamilton and East Mifflin, the corner where the Billionaire Bankers’ favorite bank is – Chase Bank! The public will notice us at 10 a.m., but participants need to be there by 9:45.  Please contact Russ at if you would like to participate.  Besides well-dressed “bankers,” we need videographers and video editors!  This will be a barrel of fun, so contact Russ today!


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