Call to Action! Register against airport commission appointments on F35's!

Thursday, Sept. 9, the Dane County Board will vote on Executive Parisi's appointments of pro-F-35 Supervisor Jeremy Levin and Attorney Perry Armstrong to the County Airport Commission. Register against these appointments here (item D3, Res-095) and here (item L1, Res-095) & see below for details.

At an April 14 Airport Commission meeting, Perry Armstrong responded to concerns about noise from the fighter jets by blaming parents who live in impacted neighborhoods: "As a responsible parent, you know if these noise issues are really that significant, and they may be, then how as a responsible parent could you choose to reside in that neighborhood and subject your children to those problems?”

How can those so out of touch with the communities affected by these issues represent us on the Airport Commission?

Armstrong's comments show a dangerous disregard for the wellbeing of community members, and the realities of living, working or going to school in one of the many neighborhoods already impacted by the fighter jets and PFAS contamination. And while we know these impacts touch every part of Dane County, we also know they fall most heavily on communities of color, low-income communities, and children.

Despite Parisi's reputation for environmentalism, he has failed to listen to residents demanding action to stop PFAS contamination and noise pollution from fighter jets at Truax Air Field.

Join us tomorrow online and tell Parisi and the County Board of Supervisors to oppose the appointments of pro-F-35 Supervisor Jeremy Levin and Perry Armstrong. Take Action:


1) 5:30 pm, 9/9 Dane County Executive Committee:

- Register here against item D3, Res-095 by 4:45 pm

- Meeting Agenda


If the Executive Committee approves this resolution, the appointments will go on to the full Dane County Board meeting that same night for all Supervisors to vote on.


2) 7 pm, 9/9 Dane County Board Meeting:

Register here against item L1, Res-095 by 6:45 pm

- Meeting Agenda


3) Email Let Parisi and the Board of Supervisors know that you oppose these appointments, and demand action to address PFAS and F-35s.


Keep our skies safe and our air clean!

Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin Coordinating Team