The Summer 2021 Newsletter “Action on Colombia” has been posted

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Articles in this edition:

--In “A Cleveland Photographer in El Choco,” Steve Cagan, photographer/activist and author (with artist Mary Kelsey) of The Price of Gold: Mechanized mining in El Chocó, Colombia, reflects on what he experienced among the people of this northernmost area bordering Panama, and how the rampant extractivism he documented has affected the people’s lives.

--Professor (emer.) Al Gedicks of University of Wisconsin La Crosse unmasks “Anglo Gold and Its Colombian Quebradona Project.”

--Professor John Dugas of Kalamazoo College discusses how the “IACHR Report Sheds Light on Human Rights Abuses in Colombia”.

--CSN Board member Beatriz Vejarano, translator in Bogotá, reports on the protests she observed there, concluding that “The Kids Are Not All Right: Looking Back at Three Months of Resistance


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