Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Building Unity Wisconsin

Building Unity Wisconsin is a non-partisan, multi-organizational project with the goal of creating a well-orchestrated, united movement for peace, justice, sustainability and democracy.

It is the hope of Building Unity Wisconsin:

  • to generate opportunities for citizens and groups to collaborate and focus on common needs and aspirations in and outside of Wisconsin,
  • to push back against the politics of division and instead insist on a politics of inclusion,
  • to create a framework for people to work collaboratively and challenge wealthy, powerful elites who continue to divide the common people, and
  •  to create laws, policies and institutions informed by fairness, compassion, and cooperation. 

Building Unity Wisconsin recognizes that all must come together to address immediate threats properly and adequately to our security and well-being such as systemic racism, the climate crisis, income inequality, mass incarceration, environmental degradation and a political system dominated by big money and special interests. Building Unity Wisconsin is dedicated to work with all organizations that share their common goals and communal care for the earth, meeting basic needs, defending human rights, strengthening democracy and opposing all forms of violence. Those that collaborate with Building Unity Wisconsin include an array of coalitions, congregations, networks and a multi-issue and single issue groups and organizations. 

There are many ways to get involved with Building Unity Wisconsin - including:

  • helping to plan and coordinate local activities,
  • getting voters registered,
  • raising funds to provide financial support, recruit others,
  • or help with social media and other publicity.

If you belong to an organization, coalition, or congregation, you may be able to partner with Building Unity to help spread their mission. 

Here’s an upcoming event to get involved with this month!  

The Madison City-wide No F-35s in Our Skies Solidarity Caravan. This event will take place on Sunday, Sept. 19th,  starting at 10 am and will last until 3pm. The aim of the caravan is to show solidarity with Madison’s East and North side residents, who are vehemently opposed to basing the F-35 planes in Madison. The Caravan will grow as it moves through Madison, and ultimately will end up near the Truax Air National Guard Base. To learn more and to sign up for the event, please visit the Facebook page:



Building Unity Wisconsin




Building Unity is a project of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice


Thanks to WNPJ volunteer Ambar Cornelio for putting together this week’s Spotlight!