Stop the Money Pipeline has put out a call for art actions July 12 through July 17


Join the Art Action to Stop the Money Pipeline! 350 Madison




Eighteen banks were ready to renew a loan worth billions of dollars that was set to expire at the end of March 2021. Enbridge Energy was the intended recipient. This is the same company mounting a tar sands pipeline invasion of the Great Lakes region. In the weeks before the expiration date, Stop the Money Pipeline launched #DefundLine3, a rapid response campaign calling on lenders and insurers to stop funding Enbridge. It achieved a partial victory: a number of banks chose to reduce the loan from billions of dollars to millions of dollars. With very little time to organize, 350 Madison participated in a national project that managed to get eighteen banks to adjust their course! Now we are going for a complete course correction. In one month, another loan to Enbridge is up for renewal. The group of banks behind this $4.6 billion credit facility loan could easily let it expire. Stop the Money Pipeline has put out a call for art actions at the offices of the major offenders between July 12th and July 17th, the week before the credit facility expiration date.

Members of 350 Madison's art group have already begun pre-demonstration brainstorming, and you are invited to help to turn dreams into reality. If you would like to join this action, email Seth Jensen at (See an article in The Guardian, March 24, 2021 for a list of banks financing fossil fuels.)