UNA USA - Action Alert: 'Pay What We Promised' - to Support International Peacekeeping Forces!

$1 billion! That’s how much the U.S. has accrued in arrears to UN Peacekeeping due to a law that arbitrarily caps our payments at 25 percent, almost three percent under the rate to which the U.S. agreed to pay in 2018.

We cannot continue to underfund essential UN Peacekeeping operationsIt’s time to pay what we promised

Last week, Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-CA) introduced legislation that would permanently repeal the artificial cap on U.S. contributions, ensuring that the U.S. is able to fulfill its financial obligations moving forward. 

Will you take one minute to ask your elected officials to support this bill?Nearly 90,000 peacekeeping troops work on the frontlines in the world’s most dangerous hotspots, protecting civilians, safeguarding democracy, and providing lifesaving support and assistance.

By failing to fully fund our dues, we are imposing operational and financial hardships on the UN, shortchanging our allies, jeopardizing our credibility on the global stage, and putting our own national security at risk.

Rep. Jacobs previously worked in the UN’s Department of Peace Operations and understands the value and lifesaving impact of UN Peacekeeping missions around the world. Removing the artificial cap on U.S. contributions is a necessary step to ensure that we align our words with our actions, and pay what we owe.

Can I count on you to call upon your Representative to support this important legislation?


Count Me IN!

Rachel Bowen Pittman  info@unausa.org Executive Director, UNA-USA


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