Act now to keep voting accessible to everyone in WI

WISDOM's Integrated Voter Engagement Team asks us to please act now to keep voting accessible to everyone in Wisconsin. On Wednesday June 9th, Wisconsin legislators will vote on several bills that will make it harder for many people to vote, especially those with disabilities, older adults and people of color.

  Now is the time to contact your legislators to share how these bills could impact you or a loved one and our democratic process in Wisconsin. 

Democracy needs everyone!

What You Can Do:

Call or email your State Senator and Assembly Representative. You can find your legislators' contact info at or by calling the Legislative Hotline, 800-362-9472.

Express your concerns about voting bills SB 204, SB 205, SB 206, & SB 209. 

Some of Our Concerns:

The bills eliminate the option for people to be a permanent absentee voter to always receive an absentee ballot.  Any voter who wants to vote absentee would need to apply for an absentee ballot for every election instead of requesting an absentee ballot for the year.

Many people do not have a Drivers' License (the disabled, seniors, young voters); DMV hours and locations are extremely limited, so it can be hard to get an acceptable ID.

The bills make it a crime for staff of nursing homes or group homes to offer residents information about absentee voting.  We believe staff have a duty to support residents with their right to vote.

Many people don’t have access to the internet or computer to request an absentee ballot.

Please act today!!!

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