WNPJ Spring 2021 Newsletter is here!

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In this issue:

  • WNPJ Celebrates 30 years
  • Welcoming our new Network Coordinator
From our members - read about their work and how you can help:
  • A Growing Humanitarian Catastrophe for Palestinians - Madison-Rafah Sister City Project
  • Make that peace call to Rep. Pocan! - United Nations Association Milwaukee
  • Who is Responsible for CAFOs? - Crawford Stewardship Project
  • Casa Maria volunteers continue to support people fighting racist and classist governmentally contracted agencies - Casa Maria Catholic Worker
  •  Nothing has slowed down at Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice
  • Military Spending and the F-35 Fighter Jets - Interfaith Peace Working Group
  • Milwaukee Veterans For Peace Expands Focus, Builds Coalitions
  • Chrysalis: Focus on Peer Support
  • An Update About Our Building Unity Project
  • WNPJ Members Meet to Inform our Work
  • Poetry


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Watch our 30th Anniversary Celebration here - the unedited version (if you have video editing skills we'd love your assistance)
- Music, spoken word and a retrospective slide show

Hear what more than 20 member organizations are up to - reports from the Spring 2021 Steering Committee


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