Call Senator Baldwin to stop the delivery of US missiles to Israel

For Palestine today, please CALL Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin's office and demand that she support the just-introduced  Sen. Bernie Sanders resolution to stop the pending delivery of $735 million in NEW guided missiles to Israel. This is a companion bill to the Joint Resolution of Disapproval (JRD) introduced in the house yesterday by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, co-sponsored by Rep. Mark Pocan.

(Please thank him if you are in his district. And if you are in another district, please contact your Representative to urge support for the JRD.)

This is a national action alert sponsored by many groups.

If the joint resolution were to pass, the sale of the missiles could actually be stopped.

The most effective thing is to call. 

You can also send Baldwin a personal email here.


Here are numbers for Baldwin's offices:


DC (Be sure to do this one):  (202) 224-5653

Madison Office:  (608) 264-5338

Milwaukee Office: (414) 297-4451

La Crosse Office: (608) 796-0045

Ashland Office:  (715) 832-8424

Green Bay Office:  (920) 498-2668

Eau Claire Office: (715) 832-8424


Action Alert from Madison Rafah Sister City Project: