Tell Congress to help close the digital divide now by supporting the AAIA

Broadband has become integral to people's lives, especially over the past year. It's how many folks are logging on for work, attending classes, keeping in touch – even seeing doctors or scheduling vaccine appointments.

But the truth is, not all of our communities have equal access. Millions of people across our country are without broadband right now – disproportionately people who are Black, Latinx, Indigenous, rural, or low-income – and as a result, are cut off from critical opportunities.

That's why expanding access is not just about getting on the internet – it's about systemic equality. And it's why the ACLU has been pushing all of our public leaders to help address these inequities now. You can join us today by telling Congress to support the Accessible, Affordable Internet for All (AAIA) Act.




Without access to broadband, resources that so many others have relied on during the pandemic are out of reach. This is known as the digital divide and its rift is deepest when it comes to race: Black and Latinx adults are almost 2x as likely as white adults to lack broadband access.

But the AAIA can help address this discriminatory gap by:

Providing an additional $6 billion of funds for the Emergency Broadband Benefit (an FCC program created to help households struggling to afford broadband during the pandemic)

Improving data collection and transparency on broadband access

Preempting state laws that prevent municipalities from expanding broadband access

Prioritizing access deployment to communities who are unserved, including Tribal lands

Friend Of ACLU, broadband access is a basic necessity and it's time we treat it that way: Tell Congress to help close the digital divide now by supporting the AAIA.


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