Join In - Participate in the WI Just Budget Unity Tour!

The Just Budget Unity Tour is coming your way! We are planning to hold press events in the districts of all 16 members of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) over the two days of May 7th & May 8th. 

If you are one of the people who are helping to make this happen, thank you! To our knowledge, nothing like this has ever been tried before in Wisconsin. If you would like to help, please call Tim Cordon of Building Unity at 608-630-3633. Thanks to the help of many good people around the state, it is looking like we are going to pull this off, and a bit more help would be great!

This tour is a great opportunity for you and others who live in or near the districts represented by JFC members, to share your testimonies for a just budget. 


Please do the following:

Check out our Tour Schedule. Anywhere that you don’t see a specific location listed, we are still working on nailing down those details. Please help us if you can. If you know justice minded people living near any of our stops, please encourage them to show up and support the tour. Better yet, ask them to testify for justice in the budget. You can give them my number and have them call me.

Go to this Tour Stop Poster Directory and share these links to our 16 different posters. (Check back soon - we are working out details and will have finished posters in place soon.)

Send your comments to the Joint Finance Committee. They will stop accepting comments at noon on April 30th. Send your comments to

Help us identify people who would be willing to submit written or oral testimony in any of the 16 districts that the tour is stopping in. If any of these persons would like to share their testimony with our Just Budget Video Project, we might be able to turn their written piece into a video like this one. Please send written testimonies to

Look over this standard press release template. Let us know how we can modify it for your tour stop needs.

Please share the Just Budget Unity Tour on Facebook:

*** We hope that your group will officially endorse, promote, and participate in the Just Budget Unity Tour when it comes to your community. 

If your organization would like to be an official supporter of the tour, please fill out this form.

(Below is a summary about the Tour)


The Just Budget Unity Tour

May 7th & 8th 2021  ….In All 16 Districts of the Joint Finance Committee!


Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th - Multiple Car Caravans & Press Events in ALL16 of the districts of the Joint Finance Committee members.

Help us find area residents who can either share their testimony at the press event or in written form. Written testimonies can be submitted to the JFC and can also be used by the Just Budget Video Project (Send to

At each stop (16 JFC districts):

We will require covid-safe practices to keep each other safe.

We will hold a press event that will include sharing about the Coalition for a Just Budget’s Call for a Just Wisconsin Budget

We will provide an amplified, outdoor, press event where area residents will each share testimonies calling for a just budget.

District legislators will be invited to listen to their constituents.

We will use images and/or recorded/streamed video to share the event on social media.

These events will also promote:

Citizen Education and Advocacy with literature, calls, letters, videos, and testimonies.

The Just Budget Video Project which is creating short inspiring videos calling for justice.**

** At the end of day one (May 7th), we will hold First Friday Film Night - a video showing of the videos that have been made by the Just Video Project (as well as some footage of the tour that day). Click HERE to register for this film showing. Share this event on Facebook:

*** In the weeks following this weekend, there will be Virtual Town Hall Meetings. Each “Town Hall” will spotlight different issues and geographical areas of the state. Area residents will help select the justice issues of focus and help host these meetings. If you or your group would like to help organize, plan, and/or play a part in these virtual town halls, please call Tim at 608-630-3633.

Banners on the side of the UnityMobile say:


Join Our Next Virtual Town Hall!  Info @:


7 Things YOu can Do Today - for a WI Just Budget!


ACTION ALERTS from Building Unity - working toward a Just Budget in Wisconsin

1. Sign on as an endorser of the Call to a Just WI Budget: contact to add your name.

2. Write a brief editorial about a justice priority that you want to see in the budget. Send this to and let her know if the Building Unity Video Team can use your words to create a video like this one: (Share this link widely!)

3. Turn your testimonial into a letter or email and send it to your State Senator and Representative. To find the names, websites, contact information, staff directories, and calendars of your legislators go here:

4. You can also record a 2 minute testimonial by going to one of our Testify Tuesday sessions on any Tuesday at 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM. Join via Zoom:

One tap mobile: 13017158592,,85022048802#

Any Phone: 1 301 715 8592  Meeting ID: 850 2204 8802

5. Follow the activities of the Coalition for a Just Budget on Building Unity’s webpage: and on Facebook at

6. Make sure that you are registered and ready to vote on April 6th.

7. Make a Facebook post with your picture holding a sign saying how many of these 7 things you did for a Just Budget. Paste this list into the post. (ie - “I did 7 things for a just budget!) and share it with all of your Wisconsin Facebook friends, groups, and pages.

(See example of this at: You can just share this one if you don’t want to make your own. And, it would be so fun to see more faces with this post.)


For more information, contact:********************************************************************