08/18/08 Is your legislator refusing to answer reform questions?

WNPJ member group Wisconsin Democracy Campaign reports that nearly two-thirds of Wisconsin legislators refused to answer a survey on six key democracy reform questions submitted to them by the League of Women Voters and the Democracy Campaign.


The questions dealt with specific reform proposals aimed at reforming campaign finance laws for judicial elections and other state races, requiring full disclosure of special interest electioneering, promoting a fair process for drawing legislative district lines following the next census, and tightening Wisconsin ’s lobbying laws.

“The voters deserve to know where the candidates stand on these issues,” said Andrea Kaminski, director of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Education Fund. “Close to 100 candidates answered our survey, and they should be applauded for doing so. Unfortunately, nearly twice as many failed to respond and are leaving citizens in the dark about their positions on political reform.”

Did your legislator answer the questions? Click here to see the full results of the survey. If your legislator didn't respond, please contact them and urge them to stop leaving voters on the dark on key reform issues. Click here for the State Legislature's "Who are my legislators?" page.