Building Unity short video - Restore Higher State Aid to Local Communities Now

Use this link to see why we need to restore the state aid that our state income tax used to provide to cities, towns and villages. 


Mary Kay Baum writes: "Hear my story as a Village Trustee in these days of higher property taxes and less funding over the last 20 years. Share broadly and talk to your legislators and those in your region.

Right now, Wisconsin’s tax system isn’t living up to its potential to be a powerful tool in promoting equitable opportunity. Our slanted tax system contributes by saddling residents of color with an unfair economic burden that makes it harder to succeed financially. The racial preferences that are baked into Wisconsin’s property tax code take the form of very large property tax credits that give bigger tax breaks to homeowners than to renters, even though both groups pay property taxes, indirectly if not directly."


For more information, contact Mary Kay Baum of Building Unity:See