The Just Budget Unity Tour May 7-8

Event Dates: 
05/07/21 - 05/08/21

The Just Budget Unity Tour

(May 7th & 8th 2021 In All 16 Districts of the Joint Finance Committee)

The Just Budget Video Project 


Virtual Town Hall Meetings


Just Budget Unity Tour:

  • Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th - Multiple Car Caravans & Press Events in ALL 16 of the districts of the Joint Finance Committee members.


  • Please help us to plan and promote these events and help us find area residents who can either share their testimony at the press event or in written form. Written testimonies can be submitted to the JFC and can also be used by the Just Budget Video Project (Send to

  • Stopping in all 16 JFC districts:

    • We will require covid-safe practices to keep each other safe.

    • We will hold press events that will include sharing about the Coalition for a Just Budget’s Call for a Just Wisconsin Budget” and the Just Budget Video Project.

    • We will provide a brief, amplified, outdoor, press event where 3 or more area residents will each share their short testimonies calling for a just budget.

    • District legislators will be invited to listen to their constituents.

    • We will use images and/or recorded/streamed video to share the event on social media.

  • These events will also promote:

    • Citizen Education and Advocacy with literature, calls, letters, videos, and testimonies.

    • The Just Budget Video Project which is creating short inspiring videos calling for justice.

    • Upcoming Virtual Town Hall Meetings*** in the coming weeks.

Just Budget Video Project: 

At the end of day one of the Just Budget Unity Tour, (May 7th), we will hold a free virtual video showing of the videos that have been made by the Just Video Project (as well as some footage of the tour that day). Click HERE to register for this film showing. Share this event on Facebook:

This project is turning written testimonies into inspiring videos that bring the sharable power of story, music, and images to our call for a just budget. Send your written testimonies to


Virtual Town Hall Meetings:

*** In the weeks following the Just Budget Unity Tour, there will be regular Virtual Town Hall Meetings until the budget passes. Each “Town Hall” will spotlight different issues and geographical areas of the state. Area residents will help select the justice issues of focus and help host these meetings. If you or your group would like to help organize, plan, and/or play a part in these virtual gatherings, please call Tim at 608-630-3633.

A banner is being made for the middle so that the side of the "UnityMobile" will say:


Join Our Next Virtual Town Hall!  Info @:


Tim Cordon, Social Justice Coordinator
First Unitarian Society of Madison
WI Network for Peace and Justice
Building Unity