Tell President Biden to rebuild U.S. refugee resettlement infrastructure and increase refugee admissions.

Last Friday, the Biden administration signed a memo keeping the U.S.’s refugee admissions cap at its all-time low level of 15,000. The outrage from advocates like you was strong and swift, and the White House felt the pressure.

By Friday evening, the administration had walked back its earlier announcement, and indicated it will raise the refugee admissions ceiling by May 15. We are heartened by the administration's about-face -- a decision made possible by supporters like you. But we need to keep up the pressure. There are thousands of refugees in need of immediate resettlement, and families awaiting their long-delayed entry to the U.S.

Add your voice: Tell President Biden and Secretary Blinken they must swiftly rebuild U.S. refugee resettlement infrastructure and significantly increase refugee admissions.

The pressure is working. Please join us in voicing your support for the U.S. refugee program.

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