You all helped to stop the latest attempt to mine near the Menominee River

In 2002, minerals tycoon Tom Quigley drilled test holes just across the Menominee River in Lake Township, Menominee County, Michigan. His discovery of traces of zinc and copper led to the formation of Aquila Resources, which ever since has been trying to construct the open pit Back Forty metallic sulfide mine.

Updated news as of April 30th!

Thanks to ongoing pressure by concerned citizens that raises public awareness about the sulfide mining threat to our economy, health, recreation, and asset value - in the form of letter writing and other communications - one of the major companies attempting to develop mining sites across the northwoods has been dealt a blow to their plans.
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Michigan Judge Sends Mining Permit For Back Forty Project Back For Review

Ruling Is A Victory For The Menominee Indian Tribe, Setback For Aquila

By Danielle Kaeding - Published: Friday, April 30, 2021


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Menominee River Heart Art by Dave Parrett