Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Peace Action WI

Peace Action-Wisconsin, based in Milwaukee, is a peace and justice organization which works to abolish the threats of war and nuclear weapons.



The organization, based in Milwaukee, is committed to non-violence as a way of life for a world where human needs are met and the environment is preserved. Peace Action of Wisconsin was first established as the Milwaukee Mobilization for Survival in March of 1977, when they were part of a national coalition of national peace and justice groups that were organized around the issues of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, the escalating arms race and decrease in funding for human needs. 


Almost twenty years later, in January of 1996, the Peace Action of Wisconsin became affiliated with National Peace Action, a merger of SANE and the Nuclear Freeze Campaign. It is the largest grassroots peace and disarmament organization group in the country. In 1999, the Peace Action of Wisconsin formally became the Peace Action of Wisconsin to reflect their statewide scope and membership.


During the coronavirus pandemic, the group has remained active. The Peace Action of Wisconsin continues doing their Stands for Peace with flags and peace signs on different corners of the Milwaukee area every Saturday from noon to 1pm; socially distanced and wearing masks. Other areas of action for the group include sponsoring informative webinars on critical issues and hosting the End the Wars Coalition of Milwaukee, a group that meets online every third Wednesday of the month.

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Peace Action of Wisconsin has a big event coming up on Saturday, April 10th. They will be having a Stand For Peace for Global Days of Action on Military Spending. The stand marks 18 years since the United States initiated the war in Iraq, and is urging people to contact members of Congress and asking Congress to bring troops home and end the war. In addition, the Peace Action of Wisconsin is urging that people ask their representatives to cut Pentagon funding to fund the things that truly keep our communities safe: e.g. health care, pandemic preparedness, resilience in the face of natural disasters, and creating a green economy. The stand will be from noon to 1pm, and located at US Army Reserve Drill Center 4850 W Silver Spring Dr. * Wear a mask and socially distance. *To find out more information, please visit:


ACTION ALERT: Please write to your members of Congress today and urge them to do everything to end these endless wars and prioritize human needs over war and militarism.


Peace Action of Wisconsin

Contact: Pam Richard, Office Manager

Address: 1001 E Keefe Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone: 414-269-9525



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Thanks to WNPJ volunteer Ambar Cornelio for this week's Spotlight!