Spotlight on a WNPJ Member Group - Peace Action WI

Peace Action-Wisconsin, based in Milwaukee, is a peace and justice organization which works to abolish the threats of war and nuclear weapons.

‘We are committed to non-violence as a way of life for a world where human needs are met and the environment is preserved. Check our calendar at for information on links for zoom and other events – and sign-up to receive our Action Alerts’.   WNPJ and Peace Action WI have been allies for over 20 years.


Upcoming Event:

Saturday, April 10th, 12 noon to 1 pm

Global Days of Action on Military Spending

Meet at the US Army Reserve Drill Center

4850 W Silver Spring Dr , Milwaukee  *   Wear masks - and socially distance. 


ACTION ALERT: Please write to your members of Congress today and urge them to do everything to end these endless wars and prioritize human needs over war and militarism.

Over 7,000 American service members have died in the war zones of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Many U.S. veterans of the Iraq War have reported a range of serious health issues, including tumorsmigraines, frequent muscle spasms,  were diagnosed with mental illness, homelessness and marital problems, including domestic violence.  The most common combination was post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Other symptoms similar to  "Gulf War syndrome" were reported by many veterans of the 1991 Gulf War, which some believe is related to the U.S. use of radioactive depleted uranium. Hundreds of thousands more United States and allied service members have been wounded in combat or have died indirectly as a result of injuries sustained in the war zones. The US military suicide rate, historically low, has climbed significantly.

The number of Iraq War casualties, according to Population-based studies  estimates, range from 151,000 violent deaths as of June 2006 (per the Iraq Family Health Survey) to 1,033,000 excess deaths of Iraqis. Over 9 million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes More than 260,000 people have been forced to flee Iraq, while 3 million more have been displaced within the country. The majority of those who remain inside the country have settled in refugee camps, There are also 280,000 refugees in Iraq from neighboring countries — the vast majority escaping violence and persecution in Syria. Over 5 million Iraqi children need humanitarian assistance and 3 million do not attend school on a regular basis. Articles in The Lancet and Al Jazeera have suggested that the number of cases of birth defects, cancermiscarriages, illnesses  and premature births may have increased dramatically after the first and second Iraq wars, due to the presences of depleted uranium and chemicals introduced during American attacks, especially around FallujahBasra and Southern Iraq

The total costs of the Iraq War on the US economy will be three trillion dollars or more, 18 years after President Bush invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003. The US remains at war.

Sponsored by Peace Action Wisconsin and the End the Wars Coalition of Milwaukee

Contact: Pam Richard 414-269-9525


Peace Action of Wisconsin’s Mission Statement

Peace Action-Wisconsin is a peace and justice organization which works to abolish the threats of war and nuclear weapons. We are committed to non-violence as a way of life for a world where human needs are met and the environment is preserved.

Our History

Founded as Milwaukee Mobilization for Survival in March of 1977, we were part of a national network of national peace and justice groups organized around the issues of nuclear weapons, nuclear power, the escalating arms race and a decline in funding for human needs. National Mobilization for Survival grew to include over 125 peace and justice groups before its national office closed in 1992.

In January 1996 we affiliated with National Peace Action, which had been formed from the merger of SANE and the Nuclear Freeze Campaign. It is the largest grassroots peace and disarmament group in the country. In 1999 we became Peace Action-Wisconsin to reflect our statewide scope and membership.

We continue today with our Stand for Peace with flags and peace signs on different corners of the Milwaukee area every Saturday from noon-1pm, socially distanced and wearing masks. We aren't having in-person events right now, but we send a email calendar of events concerning peace and justice. We sponsor informative webinars on vital issues. We host the End the Wars Coalition of Milwaukee, which meets online on every 3rd Wednesday of the month, it is open for everyone to attend.

Check our calendar for information on links and locations of events.

Peace Action of Wisconsin is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization.

Contact us below or give us a call, leave a message.

(414) 269-9525


Peace Action of Wisconsin

Contact: Pam Richard, Office Manager

Address: 1001 E Keefe Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone: 414-269-9525