Spotlight on a Member Group - Madison Area Bus Advocates

Coming up on March 29th, 2021, MABA will be hosting an exciting talk: Transit in Dane County.

The Director of Dane County’s Office of Energy and Climate Change Kathy Kuntz will talk about Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), transit and the county’s Climate Action Plan via a 90-minute Zoom session. After a brief introduction and short initial presentation, there will be a discussion and moderated Question/Answer period. The event is 7-8:30pm, and registration can be done online and for free Check out a flyer for the event here:

The Madison Area Bus Advocates was formed to provide an independent citizen voice on bus transit issues in the Greater Madison Area.

Their vision emphasizes an expanded and improved urban and regional bus system that would serve more people, places, and trips throughout the greater Madison area. The Madison Area Bus Advocates are incorporated in the State of Wisconsin and have Federal nonprofit [501(c)(3)] status, and engages in research, education, partnership and advocacy. Overall, the mission of the Madison Area Bus Advocates is To engage in research, education, partnership, and advocacy with the goals of increasing bus ridership, expanding bus service, and improving the bus system as an efficient, clean, convenient, and affordable means of travel in the greater Madison area.

MABA believes that good public transit supports the dignity and freedom of all individuals, creates an open, hospitable and welcoming community, respects the environment, opens economic opportunity to all and moves people to where they need to go. A variety of transportation options, including good bus service, needs to be available in the greater Madison area so people and businesses can choose a transportation mode that considers convenience, time, health, safety and cost. It is MABA’s hope for an expanded and improved system that includes better transit options within the city of Madison itself.

Madison Area Bus Advocates are passionate about frequent service on key routes, affordable fares, improved passenger amenities (shelters, signage, information), environmental sustainability, a regional approach to funding and service, fiscally-sound investment, more innovative marketing, a transit-supportive legislative agenda and an aggressive pursuit of additional revenue.

The Madison Area Bus Advocates has several different ways to get involved and help their mission, including but not limited to: donating one’s talent to the organization, adopting a bus stop, advocating for special bus passes, give the Madison Metro feedback, attend meetings and testify, staying informed, writing newsletter articles/letters to the editor, contacting government officials and sharing research.

Thanks to Ambar Cornelio, WNPJ volunteer, for providing this Spotlight on a WNPJ member group.


Madison Area Bus Advocates

Contact: Susan De Vos

Address: PO Box 260156, Madison WI 53726

Phone: 608-441-0925