2009/01/18: Fill out WAVE postcard - to end gun violence

  "Our Lives Begin to End the Day
We Become Silent About Things That Matter" Martin Luther King Jr.
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  • No Background Check.
  • No Identification. 
  • No Questions Asked.

Please fill out an online postcard and then forward this email to five (or more) Wisconsin friends and family members and help prevent gun violence today.
Join Our Campaign!  Send an Urgent Message to Our State Lawmakers in Madison to Require Background Checks on All Gun Sales

We just need a few minutes of your time ...

and we'll send a strong and clear message to our state lawmakers that we need to keep guns out of the wrong hands. 

You can have a dramatic impact on saving lives in Wisconsin simply by signing our e-postcard to tell our elected officials to require background checks on all gun sales.   

The truth is that unless our leaders in Madison hear from us, they will never work to prevent gun violence and address the issue of gun trafficking with sensible solutions such as requiring background checks.  

Consider these important facts:

  • Nearly half of all gun transactions in Wisconsin occur legally in the "secondary" gun market with no background check, no identification and no record of the sale;
  • Not surprisingly, unregulated sales create a source of guns for young people, felons and others prohibited from purchasing a gun in the "primary" market;
  • Approximately 90% of traced crime guns nationwide came from the "secondary" market where no background checks are conducted.

You have the power to help us save lives.  

Join the Campaign NOW!