A Series of short videos from our WNPJ Archives - To Celebrate our 30th Year!

WNPJ’s "20 Year Members Club"  & Steve Braunginn, Lifetime Achievement Awardee 2016....


Bonnie Block joined WNPJ shortly after the first gathering of peacemakers in the Capitol, back in Feb. 1991. .

You can hear what Bonnie and others said about that first gathering in the Capitol and what belonging to WNPJ means to them - in this short series of videos taken on our 20th Anniversary - in 2011. http://www.wnpj.org/node/4770 

Other members of this "20 Year Members Club"  included Will Williams, John McGinley, Jackson Tiffany, Mary Beth Schlagheck, David Leeper, Susan Becker, Ben Manski, Lance Green, Robert Kimbrough, Tim Kehl, Allen Ruff, Barb Boehme,  Russ Attoe, David Giffey and Joanne Elder. 

Some of these peace and justice leaders are no longer with us, Jackson, Susan and Robert – but the others are still active with peace and justice work. They could now claim to be part of the WNPJ’s  "30 Year Members" Club!



      Jackson Tiffany (1925-2018)          Susan Becker (1945-2020)     Robert Kimbrough (1928-2019)


WNPJ’s Co-Founder, Steve Braunginn – Lifetime Achievement Awardee - Oct. 15, 2016

In this short video, you’ll learn why Steve Braunginn values WNPJ – and the role this group plays in peace and justice work.