You did it! WI Representatives dropped the amendment to the WI Vaccination Plan - 1/28

Your calls made a difference this week. You contacted your state Assembly Reps  and the amendment to AB5, the Wisconsin Vaccination Plan was dropped! . 

This amendment would have barred most incarcerated people from being vaccinated before the general public for COVID 19. Allowing this amendment would have ignored that Wisconsin prisons currently have 25 deaths from COVID 19 and over half of the prison population has contracted this disease.

Prisons should be included in the vaccination plan as are nursing homes, hospitals and other closed quarter facilities. This should not be a moral argument. No one in the Wisconsin prison system has been sentence to death: our Governor and legislators should assure they don't.

These individuals are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, friends and neighbors. They should not be defined or denied by the worst thing they have ever done. Our faith teaches us they are not less worthy, nor are their lives less worthy of being saved.

News of this Success Story comes from member group WISDOM


From WISDOM 1/30: A few days ago, we sent out an appeal for you to contact your State Assembly Representatives to express your concern about a proposed amendment to AB5 which would have delayed vaccinations for people in prison.  Many of you did, and it worked!

Not only did the amendment not pass, but the GOP leadership in the Assembly did not even bring it up for a vote.  This badly-reasoned, punitive amendment was dropped when they saw that enough Assembly representatives, of both parties, would oppose it.

Thanks to so many of you who reached out to your legislators, and thanks to the dozens of you who let our office know about the response you received.

There will be many bigger things to weigh in on in the coming months.  We really believe that the coming budget can and should include a plan to close a prison and to put the savings into a Justice Reinvestment Fund.  We believe TAD funding can and should be increased by $15 million/year..  We believe our state can and should stop spending hundreds of millions of dollars on major highway expansions and start investing in public transportation and local streets and roads.  We believe our state's budget can and should include a provision to allow undocumented workers to get drivers' licenses.  And more...

A lot of what should happen can happen if people like us keep letting our leaders know we are watching and that we care.