Sign Peace Action's Petition: Impeach, remove and disqualify Donald Trump from future office

Add your name to this petition to Congress: Impeach, remove and disqualify Donald Trump from holding future office. - From Peace Action. Donald Trump incited an attack against our country and against us. It’s long past time to remove this dangerous tyrant from office before any more damage can be done. You may have heard that following Wednesday’s riots on the U.S. Capitol, Trump was barred from access to his social media accounts.  Do you know what he retains access to? The codes to launch a nuclear weapon and unilaterally start a nuclear war. With relations with Iran worsening, in the immediate short-term, we need to do everything we can to remove Trump from the Presidency ASAP. We’ve joined a coalition that came together overnight, representing millions of Americans, calling on all federal officials with the constitutional power to remove Trump from office to do so immediately.

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Longer-term, these events highlight, underline, capitalize, and embolden the necessity of removing any president’s sole authority to unilaterally launch a nuclear weapon, and to enact a “no first use” policy. No one person should have that power. We’ll be working starting on day one with the Biden administration to make that happen. But today, we need to temper the alleged power of an angry mob of armed white nationalists. They represent a very small minority, and their actions do not have broad public support. We cannot allow a desperate despot to maintain power for the next two weeks. He is a threat to us, our communities, and our country. He has to go, and he has to go now. Jon Rainwater of Peace Action: